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Shopping Priority

Shopping Pays, Try Instacart to!

For the longest time I absolutely hated Instacart. Eventually after trying enough times I started catching onto where the items were and learned to stay relaxed while shopping for 50+ item orders.

The main issue you can run into while doing large shopping orders is that some customers can be extremely rude. This is easy to shrug off when you are simply dropping off a Mcdonalds bag. For Instacart though, you may be dealing with this customers messages for an entire hour. They can also fully take away your tip with no questions asked. Because of this reason driving for Doordash can be much better because you can easily avoid drama similar to this.

Having access to more orders...

Shopping can be an absolute pain. The app is not very well designed for this when comparing it to Instacart. This program will pay off when it is slow and a shopping order suddenly pops up.

Being prioritized shopping order's definetely helps when It's slow just give it a try! A good benifit is getting more exersize.