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Mileage Deduction Benifits

This will make or break you sadly..

Actual amount you save from taxes

22MPG = $3.762/Gallon
25MPG = $4.275/Gallon
34MPG = $5.814/Gallon

This turns into major savings when you consider how much gas you are using. With gas prices at $5, and with a fuel efficent car, you are currently not getting enough for repairs!

Your car is no longer personal, it is for business! As long as your are making the hourly wage you need, don't stress about it! Make the cash and put away for repairs. In time's like these it's best to just make extra $$

Multiply your mileage by .57c, Afterwards multiply that number by .3 (30%)That is how much less you are paying in taxes!This should be enough for gasoline depending on your vehilicle along with some assistance in car repair.

To be clear I am not a financial advisor. This information is based off of simple math from the fact that we owe 30% in taxes and recieve .57c/mile reduced taxable income. This is a simplified way to help others understand. You need to follow the guidlines that the IRS lays out. For more information you can look up self-employed tax laws on most state websites or tax-return companies.