Designed by Nick

The Bad

Calm down about those $2.00 orders...

They do stink but listen..

You only have to do those orders three days per month. That leaves you 27 other days to be more profitable. Normally I average over $18/hour on days where I accept every single order.

Those lower paying days aren't fun. You should be able to make it easier on yourself by following my methods and strategy's.

I wan't to make this very clear, Do not accept any $2.00 orders until you are within your last 100 orders of the month. The trick that I use is accepting the low-paying orders that are only driving 1-2 miles. This way when I get a $2.50 10 mile order I can instantly deny that. Multi-Apping these days can be very helpful for boosting your overall earnings that day.

What most people don't realize is that once you have Top Dasher, holding that rating is much easier since you are prioritized the higher paying orders. To hit the rating without Top Dasher will be more of a challenge.