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Special Programs

Large Order Program Invite

You must hit these requirements!

This is a major perk when you are invited into the program! Many people believe that Doordash drivers barely make anything when that is just simply not the case. The people who choose to not treat this like a job are the ones that end up making very little then quit and spread false rumors. There is a trick to mastering these delivery apps, you just have to be willing to put forth the work.

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Priority on Customer cart totaling $100 or more!

Huge Earnings!

This program mainly only invites Top Dasher's. It is required to hit the rating's shown to be invited into the program in general. Personally it took me over 2,000 orders to be invited.

Since Top Dashers are prioritized orders it is unlikely these will be sent to you without it. Remember Top dashers are prioritized orders where the cart totals $30 or more as well.