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Rating System

Take full advantage of this!

You need to hit your ratings for Top Dasher before the end of the month. Start getting your rating up at the end of the week, second to last week of the month when you are on your last 100 deliveries for that month.

Not having to schedule to dash can be a huge advantage. Running late? No problem. This especially works well if you multi-app or have a chaotic schedule. Doing jobs for multiple different platforms can cause your dash to run out of time when pausing. When you have TopDasher you can simply get right back on the app not worrying about scheduling

Instacart Ratings

What I recommend

Simply saying "Thanks have a good day" can be all a customer needs to give you a 5-Star rating.

The main thing you should be focusing on is just giving better service. Customer's do not like having to text back and forth constantly. They are expecting you to give them an easy experience, if you turn into a pain they will be more likely to give a lower rating. Personally I have had a 5 star rating on Instacart for seven months.

Another thing you have to watch out for is app glitches. You need to be prepared to lose a few percent in ratings before the end of the month. I always try to get everything a little bit above like shown in the picture.