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Trick's to Earning More!

Do you hate when it's slow?.. So do we!

Top Dasher Rewards

"Dash Anytime: With unlimited access to Dash Now all month long, you can simply log in and dash whenever you like. Remember, though, just because you can sign in, doesn't mean it will always be busy. You can still schedule ahead if you know your plans in advance."

Freedom and order Priority?

Not having to schedule to dash can be a huge advantage. Running late? No problem. This especially works well if you multi-app or have a chaotic schedule. Doing jobs for multiple different platforms can cause your dash to run out of time when pausing. When you have TopDasher you can simply get right back on the app not worrying about scheduling

Another benifit is being prioritized order's when it's slow. This can become very useful especially when you are dashing during slow hours. (Early morning/Mid afternoon)


With enough hard work and effort you could take off 20 days/month and set a minimal goal of $200/day and pull in $2,000/month in just 10 days worked per month!

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